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Kirsta's Scottish/Irish roots are the inspiration behind KIRSTA & THE KELTS!
Covering a growing list of the best of timeless Celtic pop including Simple Minds, Deacon Blue, Annie Lennox, Jethro Tull, Amy McDonald, U2, The Waterboys, Paulo Nutini, Del Amitri, Rod Stewart, The Proclaimers, Gerry Rafferty & KT Tunstall.

Based in St Albans, KIRSTA & THE KELTS provide 100%-live sound for venues, events and private hirers wanting something a bit different from the usual pop covers set lists.

Fronted by Kirsta Johnston on lead vocals and woodwind, the KELTS can be hired in 3 formats:

TRIO (with keyboards & guitar) - perfect for smaller budgets, smaller areas or where volume is limited.
QUARTET: (with keyboards, bass, drums & guitar) - for typical pub & club bookings.
QUINTET: (the quartet, with added sax & harmonica) - the luxury set-up for bigger budgets & occasions!

There's a version to serve every need & budget, whether a wedding, a birthday party, a lively pub, a festival or even a cosy event if a full-on band isn't required.

We can also personalise other formats of the act if needed, but still always remaining with the overall Celtic pop theme behind Kirsta and the Kelts.

While he's known for playing sax with The Kirsta Johnston Band, young Jez grew up also learning flute, harmonica and guitar - really only because his brother already played and owned those instruments. Jez has recorded and performed with household names Will Young, Rebecca Ferguson, Alexandra Burke, Cliff Richard, Alfie Boe and Tony Hadley of Spandau Ballet ...and 'the bloke from Whitesnake, can't remember his name'. He likes pretty much any type of music, apart from rap, and currently also plays with a couple of big bands, jazz bands and a function band.
Paul's interest in music began as a 7 year old, discovering Tubular Bells - and he's a big fan of keyboard wizards Keith Emerson (RIP) and Jean Michel Jarre. So it's no surprise his favourite music leans towards new age, electronic and cinematic scores. But he can still play a mean bass on Mustang Sally! He's played publicly with more than 100 musicians over the past decade (from bands as diverse as Iron Maiden and Blue) and is the original bassist with The Pimps, house band for Pimp My Band open-mic nights in St Albans.
Dave Ashcroft - Drummer
Dave can’t remember how young he was when he first heard a drum but it was love at first sound. He doesn’t even remember a time when he didn’t own a pair of sticks. As soon as he was old enough to earn money for his first drum kit his parents gave in.
This life-long passion for drumming has taken him through musical theatre, studio session work, live performance and touring at home and abroad. He’s even learnt how to play on a rolling cruise ship!
He’s played every musical style you can accompany with a drum kit and has no particular favourite but loves live performance the most. ‘All music has value; what I love doing is bringing a drum part to life, no matter what the style’.
He’s also performed backing vocals for almost as long as he’s played the drums and in recent years started taking on a few lead vocal roles too.
‘What I love about KATK is the wide variety of styles and artists within the Keltic theme. There really is something for everyone and always has the audience on their feet’.
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