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Piano Lessons, Singing, and Flute with a Professional Music Teacher
Kirsta is a professional music teacher with many years’ experience teaching piano, flute and voice. Learning is fun and effective with Kirsta. Her students vary from beginners to professional performers and she will enable you to explore your true potential. She offers piano lessons to adults and children as well as flute and recorder lessons. Kirsta will tailor her lessons especially for you: her singing lessons can perfect your technique, or you can learn a special song to perform at your wedding.

Piano lessons for Children
" Kirsta has taught all of our five home educated children over the past  7 years. We cannot praise highly enough her professionalism, flexibility  and above all, the warmth of her teaching style.

She has  managed to adapt to our different children’s needs, from helping to prepare our eldest for music college applications to offering our keen toddler short singing lessons. Kirsta has coped with those of our children who were reluctant learners, working hard to find ways to appeal to their musicality, and has also found ways to work around one of our children’s dyslexia issues, helping him to pass his piano exams with distinction on several occasions.  

All of our children are very fond of Kirsta and continue to very much enjoy their music lessons with her and their resulting developing musical abilities."

Kirsta has been teaching music for over 20 years and is fully CRB checked. Piano lessons for children start from seven or eight years old for the average child but there can be exceptions to this. Some children are naturally musical and could easily start earlier. Others may have strong physical characteristics such as larger hands which when combined with a mature outlook allow them to progress at an earlier age.
Piano lessons for Adults
It is never too late to start playing the piano as an adult. Many of Kirsta’s mature students learnt how to play the piano as a child but have forgotten the notes over the years. Kirsta can work with you to revisit the skills you developed as a child and can help you to progress quickly to a level where you can play the music that you love.

Learning to play the piano takes perseverance, a willingness to practise, a lot of patience, concentration and repetition. Kirsta sees learning the piano as a lifelong development,  it can be a lot of hard work but when you succeed and rise to the challenge, it brings so much pleasure.

Contact Kirsta if you are looking for piano lessons in Hertfordshire, or the surrounding area.

Singing lessons in Hertfordshire
"Technique is a word which makes strain impossible'' Martha Graham
There is a general belief that a good singing voice is a natural gift. But even the most 'natural' singer can benefit from professional training. You can train yourself and your body to be a better singer, and by practising these skills they become second nature".

Kirsta’s singing lessons incorporate the following techniques:

  • posture and alignment
  • breath management and support
  • vocal range and inflection
  • vowel and consonant work
  • vocal quality and flexibility
  • phrasing and pace
  • repertoire and interpretation
  • performance anxiety / overcoming stage fright
  • confidence, charisma and the ‘performance factor’
  • communication and presentation skills

As a wedding singer Kirsta knows the challenges of live performance. Kirsta offers training for auditions, solo roles, music college/performing arts college entrance and singing exams.

Gift vouchers are available for trial singing lessons for that unusual birthday, anniversary, wedding or Valentine’s celebration present!
Flute lessons and recorder lessons
As an experienced flute and recorder teacher Kirsta has worked for many years helping pupils to reach their potential. Her flute lessons are ideal for complete beginners through to more experienced players.
The role of a good flute teacher includes detecting bad habits and posture problems early on, so that the pupil can resolve these difficulties and perfect their technique.
The recorder can be a great introductory instrument. Recorders make a striking sound without too much effort and with practice the pupil can develop a lovely tone. As an introduction to woodwind instruments or music reading in general, recorders are an ideal starting point.
Get in touch with Kirsta to find out more, whether you are looking for piano lessons in Hertfordshire, singing lessons or flute and recorder lessons.
Kirsta is based in St Albans, and teaches music to students in their own homes across Hertfordshire and beyond.

Take a look at Kirsta’s CV. (Click Here)

Kirsta also performs on a regular basis as a soloist and wedding singer at venues in and around Hertfordshire.
"My ambitious drive to develop my own musical and acting skills as an ongoing learning process has challenged my own talents and enriched many teaching situations.  I have always recognised that being a teacher is a continuous learning process in development of skills and experience".
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